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What is the price of a good enema bulb, bag or bucket kit?

May 04, 2018 2 Comments

What is the price of a good enema bulb, bag or bucket kit?

You get what you pay for and for an enema kit, it’s no different.

We learned the hard way.

The first enema bag we produced was made from rubber and looked like a hot water bottle. Our factory was able to produce them at a very low price, we but once we started selling them, we quickly realised why.

‘The rubber smells!”

‘The tip is so hard it hurt me”

“The tube is so short!”

“How am I meant to know if all the liquid is gone?”

And finally the biggest complaint:

“The clamp doesn’t work”

So we set about creating the perfect enema kit, putting the price aside for a moment. As a result, while we might be $10 or so more than the cheapest, there’s a reason that we produce the best selling enema kits in the United States.

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So without any further delay, here’s a round up of some of the current prices:

Enema Kit Price

Enema kits can come as either enema bags, enema buckets or enema bulbs. They range in price from $4 to $100, which bulbs usually being at the cheaper end of the scale, and buckets at the other end.

Enema Bag Price

The cheapest enema bag we found was on Walmart for just $4.96. However, it’s the old-fashioned type of enema kit and many of the reviews are negative.

Combination water bottle package

For a high-quality non-toxic silicone Enema Bag (like our one pictured), you can expect to pay $25.

Enema bag kit

Enema Bulb Price

You can buy a basic black-coloured bulb on Amazon for $9, however, for a more hygienic solution where you can tell that the liquid has left the bulb, our enema bulb sells for just $14.99.

Cleansing bulb

Enema Bucket Price

For a cheap plastic enema bucket like the one pictured, you can buy it for $5 on Amazon.

Enema kit

However, for a stainless steel metal enema bucket with multiple tips, a strong clamp and tubing that’s long enough to hang, our enema bucket (pictured) retails for $35.

Cleansing bulb


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2 Responses

Aussie Health Co
Aussie Health Co

May 27, 2018

Hi Jesse,

That’s fantastic news to hear that you fixed your constipation.

And thank you for your review of our enema bag!

Aussie Health Co

jesse  sparks
jesse sparks

May 27, 2018

my last enema bag cost about twenty three dollars,I have bought many and this is the best.

I take enemas due to constipation most of my life.After taking three barium enemas ,doctors could not find the cause.

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