How to Keep Your Enema Kit Clean, Dry, and Mold-Free

An enema kit can quickly become a hotspot for unwanted bacteria and mold if it isn’t properly maintained.

If this idea is as unappealing to you as it is to us, then keep reading!

Keeping your enema kit spotless and dry after use, will not only keep nasty bacteria build-up and mold growth away but also increase the longevity of your kit.

And better yet, the process is simple, so it will be an easy addition to your enema routine.

Step 1: How to Wash Your Enema Kit

If it’s possible, disassemble the entire enema kit, removing the tubing from your bag or bucket and taking care to open the valve, and remove the tip from the tubing.

Prepare hot, soapy water, and wash and flush your bag/bucket, tubing and tips out.

Step 2: How to Disinfect Your Enema Kit

We prefer to use natural products whenever possible, and hydrogen peroxide is one of the most effective natural disinfectants, making it ideal for enema kit cleansing.

Reconnect all the pieces of your kit and pour two cups of 3% hydrogen peroxide into the enema bucket or bag. Allow some liquid flow through the tube and the tip before applying the clamp to trap most of the liquid.

According to experts, 3% hydrogen peroxide requires 2 1/2 hours to do its disinfecting magic effectively, so we recommend that you let your bucket/bag and tubing filled with the solution sit for that allotted time.

If you’re in a bit of a hurry, you can also leave it filled all day (or even overnight).

Once it’s disinfected, dump the solution into the toilet and rinse the entire kit with water to remove any residual peroxide.

Remove the enema tip (nozzle) from the tubing, and submerge it in a small bowl of hot, nearly boiling water. Add in a few tablespoons of peroxide and leave to sit in the solution for 8 hours, or overnight. 

As this piece makes contact with your skin (and nether regions), it’s essential to ensure it’s disinfected.

Rinse when done, and dry thoroughly with a paper towel.

Step 3: How to Dry Your Enema Bag/Bucket and Tubing

Disconnect the long silicone enema tubing once more and hang dry outside (if possible), out of direct sunlight. The steady outdoor airflow will assist in the drying process. Leave the tube to dry for 8 hours.

Although it’s rare, some longer tubing may be trickier to thoroughly dry. If necessary, you can use a hair dryer on a low setting to speed up the process.

If you have an enema bag, you can air dry it alongside your tubing. If you have a bucket, you can dry it off with a piece of paper towel.

Once all parts of your kit are completely dry, place and store them in your storage bag.

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