Top 5 Enema Recipes Of All Time

People have long used enemas for a variety of health reasons.

Over the years different cultures and individuals have used unique ingredients to create enema recipes that they believe are useful in aiding different issues.

Whilst we're sure there are more enema recipes people are using - these are some of the most common types and reasons why people use them. 


1. Water Enema Recipes

Glass of water on the table
A water enema recipe is simply an enema that is done using an enema kit and water. Some people like to use cold water while others believe that most effective is water that is just slightly above body temperature.

Water enemas are most commonly performed to simply moisten stool so that it can loosen and more easily be released.

Some believe this is essential as a routine bowel cleaning measure, while others believe it can help with removing toxins from the body.

Often those looking to remove toxins from their colon ensure they use only filtered water.

2. Epsom Salt Enema Recipes

Epsom salt enema recipes consist of combining Epsom salts with water (some people recommend about 4 tbsp of Epsom salts to 2 liters of water).

These are similar to water enemas and are performed to aid with constipation by drawing more water from the intestine into the colon and also relaxing the intestinal muscles.

People believe that this results in a more effective cleanse and fix for constipation. 

3. Herbal Enema Recipes

Herbal Enema Recipes

Herbal enema recipes are simply enemas where water is infused with herbal remedies.

These recipes are performed by individuals who believe that the active substances in the herbs can be absorbed by the intestinal walls and go directly into the bloodstream to induce healing effects).

Many people believe that first doing a cleansing enema to clear out their system and then following with a herbal enema allows for better absorption.

A popular herbal enema recipe is the garlic herbal enema recipe involves crushing 5 cloves of garlic up and letting them sit in a liter of water for a minimum of 15 minutes, then straining the water and administering the enema. Some people believe this can aid in removing parasites and candida.

Another popular herbal enema recipe is to boil a liter of water and infuse it with chamomile flowers, then to let the solution cool, strain it and add another liter of cool water. Some people believe this helps with hemorrhoids and soothing a colon.

4. Yogurt Enema Recipes

Basic Yoghurt enema recipes can either consist of

a) mixing lukewarm water with 2-5 tablespoons of a powdered probiotic to create the enema solution.
b) mixing a quart of lukewarm water with a quart of "live cultured" yogurt (some people prefer different ratios for this).

These enemas are performed by those who believe they will help improve gut health by implanting beneficial bacteria into their gut.

Similar to the herbal enema recipes, people who do these types of enemas suggest doing a simple cleansing enema first to maximize the results.

5. Coffee Enema Recipes

Two enema coffee packages on the wooden table

A coffee enema recipe simply consists of taking 3 flat tablespoons of ground organic enema coffee and adding it to 1 quart of distilled water in a pot. Then let it boil for 3 minutes and then simmer for 20 minutes.

Finally, it should be strained and cooled until the water is body temperature. 

Coffee enema and coffee enema kits are used by those who believe that by stimulating peristalsis they can effectively eliminate toxins from the body.

Coffee enemas are also a core part of the alternative treatment (for cancer and non-cancer related issues) known as the Gerson therapy. A further reason that they are performed is to attempt to rid the body of parasites living in the gut. 

Do you have any enema recipes you'd add to this list? We'd love to hear! Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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