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How To Do A Home Enema

Looking to do your first enema at home?

In this guide, we'll cover some of the beginner basics that we wish we'd known before our first one as well as featuring some of the equipment you can use to do one.

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1. What is an enema?

An enema is most simply defined as the process of injecting fluid into the rectum.

2. Why do people do enemas?

An enema can be performed for many reasons, including but not limited to the following:

  • For cleansing (to clean the rectum/colon of excess waste or stimulate the liver through coffee enemas). 
  • Therapeutic reasons (to soften stool and relieve constipation). 
  • Sexual preparation (to clean the rectum prior to anal sex). 
  • Erotic purposes (to gain pleasure from the sensation/experience).
  • For liver stimulation (through the use of coffee enemas).

Aussie Health Co primarily focuses on helping people interested in performing enemas for the purpose of cleansing and therapeutic reasons.

3. What is the difference between enemas and douching?

Although these words are often used interchangeably in terms of equipment, there is a difference when related to the process.

When related to the process, typically douching is associated with flushing out the immediate section of the anal passage prior to anal sex. As a deep clean is not necessary for this, normally a small bulb like device seen on the right is used. This is often simply called a “douche” or a “douche bulb”.

These bulbs can also used to soften stool for constipation relief and are sometimes also called “enema bulbs” (you’ll often find these sold in chemists as disposable units with a saline solution in them).

However in saying all this, when related to equipment the word “douche”/”douche bag” can also be used to describe a larger bag.

This is more commonly called an “enema bag” and refers to a larger a kit that comes with a bag, tube, clamp and tip/s. Enema bag kits of this type are most commonly used for cleansing purposes.

4. How do you do a standard enema?

People have differing opinions on the best way to do an enema. However here are the basic instructions, followed also by a video of an enema user showing you step by step how she does hers.

    1. Assemble your enema kit.

    2. Ensure your clamp is able to clamp the tube and that it is clamped off.

    3. Fill your enema kit with your enema solution and run solution through the clamp until it starts running out your enema tip.

    4. Lie on your back with your knees close to your chest (some people also like to lie on their side.

    5. When comfortable insert the tip of the tube into the rectum (some people like to use some lubricant or coconut oil also to make this more comfortable).

    6. Slowly release the clamp and allow the liquid to flow.

    7. Take in as much liquid as desired (for new enema users a small amount is recommended).

    8. Continue to lie on the floor for as long as desired (some people recommend just a few minutes whilst others recommend 10+ minutes).

    9. Move to the toilet and gently expel the liquid.

(please note that we recommend that a doctor should always be consulted before doing an enema)

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