Do Enemas Hurt? 2 Tips to Ensure a Pain-Free Experience

Wondering if doing an enema will hurt? Or perhaps you've just had a painful enema experience?

For a lot of people putting something into their bottom is the complete opposite of what they're used to having happen down there.

So, understandably there is a lot of fear and worry about doing an enema. However, with proper preparation there shouldn't be anything to fear.

Below is some information that we hope will alleviate any concerns and help you have a more enjoyable experience whether you're using an enema bulb, enema bucket or enema bag.


What Causes An Enema to Hurt?

Most people are scared that inserting something inside their rectum will cause them some pain due to the size of the item being inserted stretching their anus.

But what is most commonly not acknowledged is that most often the enema nozzle tip is smaller than what normally comes out of the bum, so stretching shouldn't be a concern.

What can cause an enema to hurt is if the skin in the anus is torn during insertion or if there are existing skin fissures or hemorrhoids to deal with. 

How to Stop An Enema From Hurting

Tip #1

Our first trick for a pain free enema is to ensure that adequate lubrication is applied to the enema nozzle tip before insertion. This helps to ensure that skin won't be, turn and that any existing fissures or hemorrhoids can be slid over easily.

Coconut oil is a commonly used natural lubricant that we also recommend (unless you're using a pre-lubricated chemist bulb).

Tip #2

Our second trick for a pain free enema is to practice some calm breathing techniques to relax the body and the anus prior to insertion (in a correct enema position). A relaxed anus will ensure there is also less chance of any tearing.

If you have mediated before you will know what to do, but for those of you who haven't we recommend spending 5 minutes with your eyes closed focusing on your breath going in and out of your nostrils... when you are ready to insert the enema nozzle tip you can also try gently pushing out your anus whilst inserting the tip as some people find this makes it easier to insert.

Here is a guided muscle relaxation meditation that you might like to try too!

What to do if you have other pain from an enema?

Some people do find some discomfort whilst holding in the water from the enema (such as cramps from wind in the colon), whilst others find it completely fine.

We recommend focusing on the breath and breathing deeply if you do feel any discomfort and if you feel like you need to go to the toilet at any point - make sure you do!

However, if you have any other pain whatsoever, we recommend consulting your doctor as soon as possible.


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