What Is An Enema... and Do I Really Need One?

As odd as it they sound, enemas are not an uncommon topic of conversation in everyday life.

Whether a sitcom on TV is using enemas for the butt of a joke (no pun intended), or your doctor brought up that it may be time to get one, once they're pointed out to you, it can be hard to not notice them.

Although enemas are a common topic, not everyone fully understands what an enema is or what the purpose of getting one is.

Generally, unless your doctor or a friend has explicitly explained the procedure to you, you won’t know every detail about enemas, and that’s ok!

We're here to answer the most common questions about enemas that you, or anyone may have.


What Is An Enema?

An enema is a procedure designed to insert water or other solutions into the rectum.

A small tube is placed into the anus and from an enema bulb, enema bag or enema bucket gravity is used to push the liquid slowly into the rectum.

While you might feel a bit of pressure and discomfort in and around your anus during the procedure, very little pain is ever reported.


What Is the Purpose of Getting An Enema?

More often than not, enemas are given to simply clean a person’s bowels.

The reason for the cleaning can vary based from person to person, but is most commonly associated with two major reasons: constipation and to simply clean the area.

Enemas For Constipation

When a person’s stool becomes too dry or too large for them to pass themselves, an enema may be utilized to get rid of the constipation.

The water helps to moisten the stool and push it from the large intestine and anus.

Enemas For Cleansing

As mentioned some people also like to just use enemas for a clean feeling as they may feel "gunked up" down there.

An enema works the same way by ejecting old and usually dry remnants of stool that have become lodged into the flesh or have crusted to the side of the rectum.

Many people also believe that enemas can cleanse the body of toxins (either using simply water or enema coffee).


Enemas For Anal Sex Preparation

Some people like to do an enema before anal sex to ensure that the area is completely clean.

Whilst most people will simply use water in an enema bulb to do this, some other people opt for a full enema bag or enema bucket to get the job done.

Regardless, in most cases the immediate anal passageway is only required to be cleaned for this purpose.  

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